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Alpgues: A place of longing and strength

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Prof. Dr. Franz “Schurle” Rhomberg was an extremely nature-loving person. For many years, the Alpguesalpe was often a place of longing and strength for the natives of the Montafon and their entire family. The new wellness house in the Posthotel Taube is a tribute to those relaxing days on the Alpguesalpe.

The Rhomberg and Frey families spent many unforgettable summers in the Gafluna, where Walter Frey and Prof. Dr. Franz “Schurle” Rhomberg had leased a hunting area and built a small hut on the Alpguesalpe. For Prof. Dr. Franz “Schurle” Rhomberg and Walter Frey, the primary goal was, and is, to protect the beauty of nature and maintain its natural balance. A commitment that the next generation continues out of conviction.

The new wellness house at the Posthotel Taube will now bring the peace and relaxation that families were able to experience on the Alpguesalpe to the center of Schruns. In honor of the memory of this place of power of the Alpguesalpe and the unique nature in the Montafon, the new wellness house of the Posthotel Taube will bear the name “Alpgues”.

Gallery: (c) Montafon Tourismus GmbH/Andreas-Haller

The Alpgues Wellnesshouse will be built in place of the previous “Stand Montafon” building. On two floors, several saunas, a steam bath, massage rooms and a salt spa made of Himalayan salt stone will invite hotel and day guests alike to relax and unwind. For a refreshing plunge into the cool water, both indoor and directly adjacent outdoor pools will be available.

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