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The highest good at the Posthotel Taube

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In the hotel industry, the so-called accommodation of employees has a long tradition. The Lochau architect Claus Schnetzer from the office “Schnetzer Kreuzer” was commissioned with his team to raise the standard for “corporate housing” to Taube standards.

“Only those who feel good about themselves can provide genuine hospitality” – this is the credo for the three comfortable Team Chalets in Tschagguns. The French word “chalet” alone brings to mind romantic wooden houses in the Alps, cozy and exquisite. Because what the Posthotel Taube wants for its guests, it also wants to offer the team.

This appreciation that Philipp and Marc Rhomberg have for their future employees inspired architect Claus Schnetzer from the very first moment: “It’s as if they wanted to live there themselves. A year and a half was allotted for the conceptual work, for defining the needs and the search for a building site that would make respectful living possible. The three buildings are a product of that vision.

The hard facts: Location, equipment, implementation

Sought, found! In the middle of the developed residential area of the beautiful neighboring village of Tschagguns, the right property for the Team Chalets could be acquired. The distance of 1.3 km ensures on the one hand a comfortable proximity to the workplace and on the other hand the necessary distance to clear the head after work and recharge your batteries. Local suppliers and the public swimming pool are within walking distance of the chalets.

Three wooden buildings house 50 fully furnished and well-equipped apartments. In the middle building there are – in addition to their own cooking facilities in the private accommodation unit – a large communal kitchen and an inviting lounge area for eating and sitting together during leisure time. There is also a sauna and fitness room for employees. A barbecue area and an idyllic pond are spread across the spacious garden area.

The self-sufficient single and double apartments all have their own sanitary facilities and a balcony in addition to a private kitchenette. TV, Wifi and curtains in the accommodation units are taken for granted, as is the parking garage for employees and parking spaces for on-site visitors.

Construction of the Team Chalets began in October 2022, with completion scheduled for fall 2023. The sophisticated planning in advance enables a rapid implementation phase due to the complete all-wood construction. The traditional building material also remains noticeable on the surface, because wood radiates a natural feel-good character. The resources are almost exclusively from Vorarlberg, with a focus on the Montafon. This made a sustainable project development possible.

Living quality with Taube standards

As the son of a building contractor, Claus Schnetzer has seen how the guest workers lived in small rooms under the roof since he was a child. He has since converted the former employee wing of his parents’ company into his office. The architect has designed housing for workers before, but never before has he encountered so much passion, pioneering spirit, and egalitarianism from the guests and the team as in this housing project in Tschagguns.

"For our office, it was also a learning process to rethink this topic. It's noticeable that at Posthotel Taube, the employees are the highest asset."

Claus Schnetzer

The declared goal of the Lochau architect and family Rhomberg is to make the future team of the Taube feel comfortable in their new home. The value of the Posthotel is transferred to the Team Chalets. The result is a quality and excellence that is unparalleled in the lodging sector. Attention to detail can be seen, for example, in the wooden chairs, which will be decorated with the dove from the Posthotel logo instead of the usual heart in the middle of the chair back. Or also on the copper rain gutters of the team chalets. As in the Posthotel Taube itself.

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