Body treatment

Deep inside us is the need to get closer to nature again. To be connected with nature means to be in balance. It allows us to rediscover strength and energy we thought we had lost. Treat your body to some time out.

  • Salt & Grape Seed Peeling

    Dissolves dead skin cells and makes the skin supple. Nourishing in combination with the body oils, detoxifying and purifying.

    30 min 65€


  • Silhouette Deluxe

    Dry glove massage | detox oil massage | detox body wrap

    Highly effective cellulite treatment.
    This treatment stimulates the metabolic function and releases congestion. The lymph flow is stimulated and the body is specifically supported in detoxifying and purifying.

    50 min 85€

  • Salt & grape seed peeling with massage

    Ritual | full body peeling | full body massage

    2 in 1 – relaxation and smooth skin. Before the treatment you choose your favorite massage oil from our Oil Bar. This treatment is a combination of a full body massage and a salt grape seed full body scrub. Muscular tensions are relieved and your skin is optimally cleansed, supplied with blood and cared for.

    75 min 145€

  • Hydrabody back treatment

    Cleaning | peeling | deep cleaning | LED booster according to skin type | final treatment

    The pampering program for the back.
    The treatment refines the skin texture and makes the back shine again. Combined with lymphatic drainage and LED light therapy, the treatment guarantees a well-groomed back.

    30 min 150€

  • Hydrabody Po treatment

    Cleaning | peeling | deep cleaning | LED booster according to skin type | final care

    Don’t worry when it comes to blemishes on your buttocks! With our special Hydrabody-Po treatment, the combination of Dermabuilder or Britenol Boost and LED light therapy effectively reduces pigment spots and other signs of skin changes. Look forward to completely nourished skin.

    30 min 150€

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